My name is David. I am a pest control professional who lives and works in LA. I’m fascinated by ants, but I’ve seen firsthand the damage they can do. The goal of this website is to provide information on everything related to ants. You’ll learn about ants, how to prevent infestation, how to deal with existing infestation, and why ants behave the way they do. The information here should help you live in a clean, ant-free environment.

As a pest control professional, I have an in-depth knowledge about ants. I’ve dedicated my career to understanding them in both a scientific and hands-on perspective.

It’s important to control ant infestations for the sake of your health. Ants can contaminate your food supply. They may carry hazardous bacteria that can harm you or your family members.

Another important thing to note is that ant infestations are different from the infestations of other pests. They bring unique challenges that must be dealt with uniquely. If you’re dealing with multiple pest infestations at once, it’s best to hire a professional service. A professional can evaluate your home and determine the best way to treat the issue.

There are a number of different removal and prevention methods. To prevent ants from entering your home, you may use deterring chemicals or machines. You may also eliminate or reduce the amount of potential entry points. When you already have ants in the home, though, you’ll need to employ other methods.

One of the most common methods for ant removal is to use ant baits. Different baits function in different ways. Some baits are sticky, trapping ants until they die. Other baits are laden with poison disguised as food. An ant will bring the poison back to the colony, where other ants will eat it. When enough poison reaches the colony, all the ants will die, eliminating your pest problem.

This website should provide all the information you need for identifying, understanding, and eliminating ant problems. We’ve written guides for a number of different solutions. If you’re concerned about entry from your garden, we have you covered. We have information on how to keep your food supply safe, what removal methods are safe around pets, and organic methods for dealing with ants.

We’ve also provided information on how ant infestations differ from other infestations. You’ll learn about the factors that help professionals identify pest infestations. We’ll walk you through finding infestation sources and keeping ants from entering your home.

Are you working with a budget? Don’t worry. We also have information about low-cost ways to handle ants in the home. Whether you’re buying a cheap ant bait or making your own with low-cost ingredients, there’s step-by-step information you can use.

Ant problems shouldn’t be a nightmare. With the advent of the internet, more information is accessible than ever before. I’ve done my best to compile all of that information in one place.